What is it?
The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) is a system of self-regulation for anyone involved in gym instruction, group exercise classes, circuits, keep fit, personal training, yoga, pilates, aqua areas of advanced instruction and exercise referrals. All instructors, coaches and teachers in the exercise and fitness industry should now be registered.

Why does it exist?
By proving that exercise professionals are competent and qualified the Register can instil confidence in members of the public and other health professionals who use their services. To do this, and to protect professional titles, the fitness industry needs to work together to raise standards of qualifications, skills and best practice. Registration is often called a “licence to practise”.

REPs Points
Please note that the EXTEND Exercise to Music course (AF20472) is accredited with 20 points for each award, 60 points in total and the EXTEND Continuing Professional Development day is awarded 3 non-endorsed points under the 'Other' category. REPs require fitness professionals to acquire at least 12 points every year to remain registered.

What do I get once I have registered?
Once registered you will become a full member of REPs and will be issued with a certificate of registration with the status of Level 2 Extend teacher within 28 days. You should also receive a membership card and your name will appear on the REPs directory of members on their website, which is available for public search and verification. You will also be given, and held to, the REPs Code of Ethical Practice. All members will receive the quarterly REPs Journal, fortnightly e-zine (an email address is required) and monthly Health Work (publication). You will be able to participate in all other Register benefits and to attend their Conventions, etc.

How do I register?
To register is an optional choice for EXTEND Exercise teachers however, the EXTEND Exercise teacher must be affiliated at the full EXTEND TEACHING subscription rate which includes insurance to teach.

Should you wish to register, all you need to do is tick the box and delete where applicable the statement that does not apply to you on the affiliation form. Enclose a payment for £38.00 made payable to EXTEND. (REPs registration normally costs £40.00 inclusive of VAT).

If you are already a REPs member, please provide your REPs number on your affiliation form. The other information we require is your name, address, telephone number and email address (optional) that we may already hold. REPs registration is renewed annually.

EXTEND Exercise teachers who hold other exercise and fitness qualifications can submit these for consideration and inclusion, once they have registered with REPs.

What level of support can I expect to receive?
EXTEND Exercise will ensure that all registered EXTEND Diploma qualified teachers will have appropriate Public Liability Insurance and complete a program of Continuing Professional Development (CPD Days) to support this status.

What about insurance?
REPs does offer it's own insurance package that can be purchased separately. As EXTEND Exercise already includes insurance at affiliation this extra purchase may be unnecessary. However, if you have other professional qualifications that requires additional insurance this may be purchased through REPs insurance scheme, which may be to your advantage. Please note that if you are training to become a Course Tutor with EXTEND Exercise we recommend that you are insured through EXTEND, as REPs insurance will not cover the additional aspects that are expected of this new role.

Should you have any further questions regarding REPs MEMBERSHIP registration, please log on to the Register of Exercise Professionals website Alternatively contact the REPs office on telephone number 0207 632 2022.