Photo Gallery

Brenda Norris's EXTEND ladies (below) demonstrating at Older People's Day 2017 at the Alban Arena, St Albans on 11 October (photographer: Stephanie Belton)

Brenda Norris's EXTEND ladies (below) demonstrating at for "Fun Palaces" at Welwyn Garden City library on 7 October 2017

Alison Terry-Salter's classes (below) celebrating Older People's Day 2017 in Heathfield, Danehill and Eastbourne


Rainhill CPD Day on 16 September 2017 (below) run by Angela Greensmith and Penny Kirk, which included use of equipment and Otago demonstration. A silver badge was presented to Linda Smith to mark her 20 years as an EXTEND teacher.


Chapel Court, Wilmslow celebrating Children in Need in November 2016 with Angela Greensmith


Woking - December 2015

Shelagh Allen's class in Woking with Shelagh proudly displaying her Silver medal which she won at the British Rowing Indoor Championships on Saturday 12th December at the Olympic Velodrome. Well done Shelagh.

She says "No we don't sit in 'comfy' chairs for EXTEND. Madge, the one on the chair next to me, is 95 and has been coming to my class for about 15 years. We have another 95 year old on the other end of the settee who has joined us recently. Most of the others are in their 80's".

We say "keep up the good work ladies!"


Wales - July 2015

Chris Moore, EXTEND Teacher in Wales, manning an EXTEND stall with her husband at the Open Day on 19th July 2015 at Rhiwbina Memorial Hall, Cardiff.

Older People's Day - October 2014
You can see photos and reviews of how this event was celebrated by various classes around the country by visiting our Full of Life section.


Older People Full of Life national event: Having a Ball - June 2014

EXTEND Exercise classes nationwide participated in the Older People Full of Life national event, Having a Ball, that ran for one week from 16 June 2014. This is a United Nations’ initiative, headed in the UK by the government’s Ageing Society Directorate and sponsored by Ostrich Care. EXTEND Exercise has been selected as a principal partner for 2014.

Reports from EXTEND Exercise classes include the following:

Sandy Trott, EXTEND Exercise teacher, Essex, 22 June 2014
“On 20 June 2014, we were Having a Ball with a ‘60s Flower Power theme. Everyone tried to wear or bring flowers to the event. Some of our participants went the extra mile, dressing in full Flower Power outfits. We enjoyed the Clapping Song, did our Qi Gong themed exercise to ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’, had Beach Boys tracks had a laugh with ‘Lily the Pink’ and of course we all went to San Francisco with flowers in our hair. Following the exercise session some of our members had provided a ‘60s themed buffet with cheese and pineapple sticks, sausages on sticks, vol au vents, black forest gateaux and of course a nice cup of tea provided by the Centre. Everyone went home tired, full and with a smile on their faces”.

Participants wrote:

“Sandy made our special ‘60s afternoon fun with enjoyable exercises to 60s music” - Jackie
“I had a lovely afternoon, as always, Sandy always made it go with a Swing, she works so hard and is always smiling” - Linda
“Lovely time, I look forward to Friday afternoons” - Iris
“Very enjoyable afternoon, as always – a lot of effort goes into it” - Eve
“Sandy worked hard and gave us a friendly, happy, nostalgic afternoon with the ‘60s music” - Dave


Sandy Trott’s EXTENDers at The Beeches, Essex, were also Having a Ball on 16 June 2014
“Our Having a Ball event at The Beeches was themed the Colours of Summer. The Beeches were fantastic in promoting the event and lots of residents came along. Everyone wore their most colourful outfit or scarf. The music reflected the theme of Summer with songs like ‘Beyond the Sea’, ‘On the Boardwalk’, ‘Summer Wind’ as well as a reggae beat with Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’ and some sixties hits too. The staff and the residents had fun taking part and new residents joined the group for the first time and were pleased with what they did and promised to come back for our next session. A great morning was had by all!”


Nora Price, EXTEND Exercise teacher, Cannock, 19 June 2014:
“Cannock Extend Exercise class celebrated June’s 70th birthday by having an Everly Brothers ball. The whole class was ‘Devoted’ to their songs, June being a great fan! One member reported: EXTEND Exercise classes are not just for our limbs and coordination but we also benefit from the safe friendship and socialisation.

Over the year the class has raised £275 from teas/coffees etc, which has been donated to an African orphanage - well done June."


Beryl Larder, EXTEND Exercise teacher, Northallerton and Thirsk, 19 June 2014
“Just to let you know that we had a super time at each of my EXTEND Exercise classes last Tuesday as part of the Full Of Life Event. This week’s class was attended by 29 people and consists of a wide range of ages and mixed abilities but everybody really enjoyed themselves. My warm-up routine was Glenn Miller’s ‘In the Mood’ and we all did some hand-jive as well as some nifty seated footwork! I had asked everyone to wear a white or light coloured top if possible and most of us wore pretty neckerchiefs or scarves. Another visitor we had to the Northallerton class was Annabelle, a physio from the Falls Prevention Team, and she also was very impressed by the exercises we do. I wanted to write and let you know what a successful day we had, both in Northallerton and again at my afternoon class in Gillings Court which is an Assisted Living Home in Thirsk. This is a smaller group of approximately 10 ladies and once again we had a super time and it was lots of fun”.


Margaret Payne an EXTENDer from Patsy Martin’s Brundall, Norfolk class, 22 June 2014
“Within the class we had themed music from different countries and we moved and danced ourselves around the world, including Argentina, Greece, China, USA, Scotland, among other countries! We each wore hats depicting different countries and three ball globes were used in the exercise and dance movements. Our lovely instructor Patsy Martin led the way in a black silk Chinese top with everyone taking an active part. ”


Pat Goodacre, EXTEND Exercise teacher, Leeds, 18 June 2014
“Yesterday our COPD [Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder] class 'went that extra mile' to celebrate our Full of Life Campaign”.


Chris Moore, EXTEND Exercise Cardiff, 23 June 2014
“We had a great week with our Beach Party themed classes. Every one joined in the fun and we did ‘Have a Ball’. We exercised to tunes like Love Letters in the Sand; We’re all going on a Summer Holiday and ‘I do like to be beside the Seaside’. The warm downs were done to Meat Loaf's ‘Albatross’ and we all went ‘Sailing’ of course!”


Brenda Norris, EXTEND Exercise teacher, Welwyn Garden City, 16 June 2014

“We did wear flowers in our hair today, and will do so again in the Friday class as it's National Flower Week”.


Southgate EXTEND Exercise class had a sparkling time with songs for singing and dancing! A lovely time was had by all.


Wendy Hardwick's Rickmansworth EXTEND Exercise Class wore red, white and blue with 1940's music and a great time was had by all


Chalford Hill and Dursley EXTEND Exercise class had a ball on 17th June. They wore 60’s style blue flower power roses with music to rock and "twist again" to.


Whittle Court, Malpas, Newport EXTEND Exercise group chose a Hawaiian theme and looked wonderful in their grass skirts and garlands. They had been using "Islands in the Sun" by Harry Belafonte as a group dance to end the class and it was so popular they decided to use it as their "having a ball" theme.


St Julians Newport EXTEND Exercise group choose a 1940s and dressed in "red white and blue." Favourite songs and music from the 1940's were used and reminiscences from the period shared with the help of a passed around giant Union jack hand; if someone wished to share a memory they kept the hand so the group knew to give attention to that person. They joined in with the Lambeth Walk with some hilarity, hung the washing on the Siegfried line with enthusiasm, enjoyed marching around to Glen Miller and had fun making their own version of wartime anti radar chaff with some space blankets. It was rewarding to see so many smiling faces and hear the laughter - hearing their memories made it a very special class.


Bordon, Hampshire EXTEND Exercise group Had A Ball doing a Zumba routine.


Reigate EXTEND Exercise class chose to wear pink and/or green and had a 60’s music theme. Linda Cope reports "admittedly the routines were all to new tunes and we didn’t always get the timing fight, but we had great fun and sang along to the well known tunes. So much so, that at the end of the class they requested we use the music more often, so that’s what we are doing!! Somehow sixties music always brings a smile to your face!


Wheathampstead EXTEND Exercise class wore colourful scarves and got into the spirit of "Having A Ball".


Weston Super Mare EXTEND Exercise - the "Samba Shakers" Having A Ball.


Mayfield Centre, Bradford EXTEND Exercise - Coleen Barlow's class "Having A Ball".


Lincolnshire EXTEND Exercise - all five classes did a week of "Fun in the Sun - Having a Beach Ball" sessions. The theme was sunshine and seaside, so everyone was asked to wear something yellow and the music was also sunshine and seaside themed. In Louth, yellow bunting decorated the room together with card sunshines, and they put up beach umbrellas and soft toy fish, crabs, lobsters etc. They also made lots of yellow scarves from an old quilt! (Photos to follow we hope). The participants in Stewton House Residential and Nursing Home also dressed in sun hats and yellow and had a party, followed by ice creams!

In summary - the groups danced, exercised, played games with balls, buckets and spades, yellow scarves, sang some great songs, and laughed a lot (an awful lot!!!!!) Oh, and ate some seaside foods! - and had a super raffle.


And last but not least, some of our EXTEND Exercise teachers Having A Ball at a CPD Day as Sugar Plum Fairies!