Royal Albert Hall Event

EXTEND Strides Out

Every 5 years the members of the CCPR Movement and Dance Division are invited to take part in a celebration of movement and dance at the Royal Albert Hall. In 2000 Seona Ross choreographed a piece using pom–poms and in 2005 she incorporated seated theraband work alongside moving work to ‘Besame Mucho’. In 2010 22 teachers (including a Vice President of EXTEND), 34 EXTENDers (including the chairman of Trustees) marched EXTEND style to Richard Waterer’s Royal Salute.

The item was a kaleidoscope of activity, and the team were positively glowing with excitement. EXTEND is not just about ‘exercise’ but it is about being part of something; for the majority of the performers this was their chance in a lifetime to do something they never thought they would be able to do.

Tracy Levy
Teacher & Secretary to the Trustees

The Royal Albert Hall – 2010

Tracy Levy provided EXTEND with the Wow factor for the CCPR’s 75th Anniversary “ON SHOW” production, held at the Royal Albert Hall on 25th September 2010.
Back in September 2009, approximately 130 volunteers attended the sample day. Through the coming months, including a visit from a drill sergeant, we were put through our paces. (Which one is my left foot?)
Eventually, 6 rehearsal days later, 56 members including teachers and Tracy managed to march around for nearly 5 minutes, carrying out some very intricate manoeuvres. I am sure that the majority of us thought it would never happen but many thanks to Tracy’s encouraging patience, we all strutted our stuff on the day. Some “old stalwarts” (not in years necessarily, although three were 87 years young!) took it in their stride, but it was a joy to see the faces of the newcomers, on entering the arena.
I think the greatest fear anyone had was losing their way in the dressing rooms of the Albert Hall. The variety of performances in the Show was immense all culminating in a spectacular display of 900 participants doing the “Lambeth Walk”. After it was all over, we were pleased to hear we'd done so well!

Comments from our teachers:
So sad it’s all over
From the photos, is it really us?
Performing at the R.A.H. truly exhilarating
My husband thought the show was wonderful

From the audience:
Formations were wonderful
The best £30.00 ever spent
Well Done, the hard work was worth it!

From the class participants
An experience I shall remember all my life
I really enjoyed being part of the 'team'

A truly excellent item - Show Producer
This was my first, but I am looking forward to appearing in at least another 4 or 5 shows(Area Director of Development)

Well done everyone!!
Judy Holpin
Vice President