CPD Days

Continual Professional Development Day (CPD)

NEW CPD days for 2019!

All CPD days are now booked through Head Office.

Please CLICK here for the downloadable list of 2019 CPD days and a booking form which can be found at the end of the list of CPD days. /a>

There is also an option available to undertake CPD by distance learning. Please contact Head Office for further details.

One condition of the Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance is that all fully qualified EXTEND teachers are to attend at least one Continual Professional Development Day each year (1st Jan-31st Dec). This full day consists of six hours minimum, includes updating of information, teaching techniques, contra-indications and may also include a specialist lecture with practical work relating to EXTEND. This is part of the teachers’ Continuing Professional Development and the ADD/CT monitoring of standards.

CPD days

Please note that the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) day fee for 2019 will be £42.

Developing the skills of our teachers through CPD days has clear benefits for both the EXTEND teacher and class participant alike. Improvements in productivity, efficiency and job satisfaction have a direct impact on achieving and exceeding our mission statement.

CPD days offered by other exercise providers/professionals will not be accepted as a substitute. It is essential that the Continuing Professional Development Day must be held under the auspices of EXTEND. CPD days are organised regionally and travelling outside of your usual region may be required. You may attend CPD days outside the region in which you qualified; a full list can be obtained from Head Office or see opposite for your regional area.

All teachers should come prepared to teach for 5 minutes with an appropriate lesson plan.

REPS only teachers

Those who are registering on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) should note that EXTEND CPD days are worth four REPs points, so you may need to attend additional days or undertake additional training to accrue the amount of points you need.