Become a friend of EXTEND

Becoming a 'Friend of EXTEND' is one way you can support the work of EXTEND. The advantage is that a 'Friendship' is a charitable donation, that can be further increased by attracting Gift aid from HM Revenue & Customs. When an individual donates to a charity it can the claim tax back on the donation.

For every £1 donated to EXTEND, it attracts Gift Aid of 25p, therefore, a 'Friendship of EXTEND' of £10 becomes £12.50.

'Friendship' is not essential for class membership and therefore, is not restricted to class members only. EXTEND does not charge a annual class membership fee, either. Any person, who wishes to support our work can become a 'friend'. We suggest a minimum donation of £10 more or less is welcome.

One of the criteria for claiming 'Gift aid' is that you must be a UK taxpayer, most people will pay income tax on earnings, pensions or interest. To receive Gift aid each donor must complete a Gift Aid form. Please contact us for more details. 'Friends' of EXTEND have been a significant and reliable source of funding.