Fundraising News

Transylvanian Trek - August 2014

Jo Swain reports: On August 26th I am flying to Romania to attempt four days of trekking in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania, stopping off at Dracula’s castle on one of the walks! I am not too worried about the vampires but am pretty nervous about the photos of some of the terrain! Why on earth am I doing this?

I am 64 and from Aug 2004 to Dec 2013 I was an Extend teacher. I had developed three community classes with 70 regular members. When I decided I needed to retire I was so lucky that my two colleagues, Mandy Glen and Sarah Hill, could take these classes on from the New Year. My class members had given me so much support through some bad times; I couldn’t just “ditch” them.

I took up Nordic Walking with a group in Rutland. I live on the edge of the Lincolnshire Fens so we have no hills! On my first lesson three other ladies announced they had signed up to a charity trek to Transylvania - so I joined them to give myself a focus to get healthier. Just doing the training has done me so much good. I am definitely fitter and healthier in mind and body and I will just do my best in the mountains and I will enjoy it.

I have self funded this trek but am raising any sponsorship for EXTEND because I want to be sure that when I want to join an EXTEND class there will still be teachers to run classes! If you would like to sponsor me please contact me directly on 01778 346982 or Head Office...Pauline or Hayley.

I will let you know how things go.

On her return Jo reports:

I arrived back last one piece but a few little bruises! It was VERY difficult but such an achievement. Everyone struggled, even the 24 year old, so I do feel very proud of myself. It was sooooo scary at times but the guides were brilliant. It is a lovely country and lovely people. They have such a healthy way of life. We saw a 92 year old scything and tossing the hay ready for the stacking. It had taken us nearly two hours of steep uphill walking to get to that point and there is no other way up!!! We had two days of 9 hours walking ...and rock climbing...and two shorter days. It is so beautiful. The hardest bit for me was the three hours of descending with my knees feeling every step. It was so slippy even though we had lovely weather.

I will continue collecting in money for EXTEND until the middle of October so if anyone would like to make it really worthwhile please use the text just giving. Text EXTE01 followed by either £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070. Head Office are also happy to accept donations by Bank Transfer or Cheque.


Heathfield Fundraising - July 2014

Alison Terry-Salter reports: "We had a tea party with exercise (first of course!) at the end of term and everyone wore silly hats! This brought together the groups that I teach so everyone could meet each other. We held a raffle and raised £200 for EXTEND. The groups are: Heathfield, Ridgeway Court and Danehill and the venue on the day was the Kings Church in Heathfield, East Sussex."


Half-marathon walk

Debbie and Alice successfully completed a sponsored half marathon (13mile) walk to raise funds for EXTEND on Sunday 1 July. They set off in the sunshine with Bella and Bertie, into the woods and across the fields surrounding the old Royal Earlswood Hospital in Redhill. At about the 5 mile mark Jaffa and Alfie took over from Bella and Bertie.

Brighton Marathon

Congratulations to Carol Woodford an EXTEND teacher from South Wales who completed the the Brighton Marathon for EXTEND in 2012.


Tig Conquers London Marathon

Congratulations to Tig Bidmead, who ran the 2012 London Marathon in 2012 for EXTEND