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Older People's Day

“Move Every Way Every Day” is EXTEND Exercise’s important message to older adults. Celebrating Older People’s Day, 1 October, EXTEND’s Chief Executive, Cynthia Robinson says: “Exercise facilitates independence through improved movement, enhanced mood and reduced stress levels”.

The older adults participating in EXTEND’s classes are truly committed to exercise: only 8% leave within six months, compared to a massive 34% of younger adults who leave their gym leave after the first year.

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EXTEND Exercise teacher Cassie Harris's class at Herstmonceux, East Sussex relaxed after "moving everything, every way" for Older People's Day on Tuesday 21st September 2015. They started the day with an EXTEND Exercise display, followed by a talk, discussion with a physiotherapist then feeling and tasting with a herbalist.


EXTEND Exercise teacher Betty Scollard's class at St Andrew's URC Hall, Bournemouth celebrating Older People's Day on Tuesday 29th September 2015,

EXTEND Exercise teacher Betty Scollard's class at Bourne Valley Community Centre, Poole celebrating Older People's Day on Wednesday 30th September 2015,

Please CLICK HERE to read more about Betty Scollard's classes and Older People's Day in the article from the Bournemouth Echo on Tuesday 13th October


EXTEND Exercise teacher Lesley Ann Chowen's East Finchley class celebrating Older People's Day on Thursday 1 October 2015,

Check back here later for further photos of how our EXTEND classes celebrated Older People's Day 2015.


Older People Full of Life national event: Older People's Day 2014

EXTEND Exercise classes nationwide participated in the Older People Full of Life national event, Older People's Day, that ran for one week from 29 September to 5 October 2014. This is a United Nations’ initiative, headed in the UK by the government’s Ageing Society Directorate and sponsored by Ostrich Care. EXTEND Exercise has been selected as a principal partner for 2014.

Reports from EXTEND Exercise classes include the following:

Anne Mapley, EXTEND Exercise teacher, Tamworth, 2 October 2014
“These are my Glascote Heath class at St Peters Community Church Hall, Tamworth. We were joined by the Deputy Mayor of Tamworth, Councillor Maureen Gant”


Anne Mapley, also sent in a photo and article which appeared in the Cannock Chronicle of her Rugely class.


Pamela Redwood, EXTEND Exercise teacher, Norfolk, 2 October 2014 Comments from her class include:
“It is most important we are given opportunity for movement and exercise.”
“My knees are ten times worse after just sitting about.”
“Any little movement helps – feet, knees, everything.”
“It is so easy to stay sitting still and not do anything.”
“Otherwise I’d just sit in my room.”
“Some people can’t do anything so you got to do what you can.”
“I feel a bit looser after the class.”
“I love the movements and I like hearing my old favourite tunes.”
“We could have just sat on a chair for an hour and not done anything.“
“EXTEND really makes a difference.”


Theresa Pycock, EXTEND Exercise teacher, Woodlands Darby & Joan Club, Streatham, 2 October 2014

"Our theme was "Colours" and everyone was invited to dress in a favourite colour. Some of the ladies wore something in their hair and I wore a blue wig! We used pompoms and ribbons in assorted colours and all the music had a colour in the title. I think we all enjoyed the occasion."


Pat and David Goodacre, EXTEND Exercise teachers, Leeds, 8 October 2014

"We held a free open class, with exercise to live music by the Bluenotes (average age of group - 74.) Seated and standing exercises, a raffle and refreshments. This was a really enjoyable morning, with 30 people in attendance.


Harrogate over 50’s celebrate being active - 7 October 2014

Over 50s in Harrogate were invited to celebrate the positive role they play in a series of events organised across Harrogate to mark Older People’s Day at the beginning of October. Local charity, the Harrogate Easier Living Project (HELP), joined forces with charity Supporting Older People (SOP) and the Harrogate and District Over 50s Forum to challenge stereotypes about ageing by holding a display on Active Ageing in Harrogate Library. Local people contributed their pictures demonstrating how they are enjoying life in their later years, as well as posting their stories and thoughts on the positive aspects of ageing.
Members of the public were also able to find out what activities and events are available locally for people who want to remain active and socially engaged at an ‘Ageing Well’ event held at St Pauls’ Church in Harrogate. Visitors were able to find out about opportunities for self-development, volunteering, leisure and physical activities from displays by local organisations, including the Harrogate Volunteer Centre, Library and Museum Services and Adult Learning and Skills Services. Attendees were also invited to take part in chair-based exercises put on by EXTEND Exercise, in conjunction with Fit4Fun.

Figures released by the local Office of National Statistics last week reveal the growing numbers of over 65s in the UK. There are now over 11 million over 65s in this country and, on average, women can expect to live to 85.8 years, with men’s life expectancy coming in at 83.3 years.
Christine Boxall, event organiser from the Harrogate Easier Living Project, said: These latest figures demonstrate that there is a lot to life in later years. You only need to look at the number of over 50s who volunteer, care for others, look after grandchildren, work and generally get involved in local communities to see the incredible contribution they make to everyone’s lives. Our events were held to highlight this positive role and to explore the possibilities there are to remain active in later years locally.

'HAVING A BALL' 3rd October 2014. Jenny Coote reports: We had a taster session using Bender Balls at the Meridian Annual Show at the Hillcrest Centre, Peacehaven East Sussex. It was a very successful fun event and lots of publicity for Extend.

St Albans - Brenda Norris reports that the deputy mayor visited their class at the sports park and joined in. The mayor is the one in black, chain removed and trousers rolled up in this action photo.

October Celebrations in High Lane
On Thursday 2nd October, the Mayor and Mayoress of Stockport, Councillor Kevin Hogg and Mrs Kathleen Hogg, visited the over 60’s ‘EXTEND’ Exercise class held in High Lane Library, to join the members celebrating ‘International Older Persons’ Day’ on the occasion of the 15th Anniversary of the class.
12 ladies and their Tutor, Linda Smith, demonstrated the concluding routines of their one hour programme, which included standing work and a cool down and stretch finish. Afterwards, the Mayor and Mayoress stayed to share refreshments, and give a brief talk about their work, and also the history of the Mayoral Chains of Office. They were interested in gaining an insight into the benefits of the ‘EXTEND’ Exercise ethos for the group whose ages range between 65 – 95 years. The Mayor fully endorsed the physical and social benefits of keeping active. It was a very happy and memorable occasion for all in attendance.

Chris Burtt has sent in the following article which appeared in the local press featuring the Wells EXTEND class

The Big Brew Up 2014 - ssafa

Chris Moore reports that Cardiff EXTEND did some fundraising for their celebration of Older People's Day and had "a pot of tea morning" which raised £130 for the SSAFA (Soldier,Sailor and Airmen Families Assn). Well done to all.